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1. What is a rare book?
2. What should I do with my collection: give it to an institution or sell it?
3. How do I know when a copy of the Bible is valuable?
4. Shall I keep or store the records of my business? How do I know whether to keep them or not?
5. Is it important to know the value of my collection of books and records for insurance purposes?
6. What about repair or binding? How do I know when to repair/rebind or leave it alone?
7. How can I know whether someone is a reputable restorer who uses only conservation quality materials to preserve my treasured objects?
8. What is the resume of the appraiser for CPRM?
9. How can I reduce the cost of an appraisal?
10. May I see a sample appraisal?
11. What additional services does CPRM offer?
12. Where may I find the various IRS forms and publications?
13. Why is there sometimes a difference between Fair Market Value and what a book might actually sell for?
14. When is it best to give your collection away rather than try to sell it?
15. Would you like to receive references from those for whom we have done work?
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